Jim Leedy~
An artist in many fashions who pioneered postwar American art. He was the first to bring the gospel of abstract expressionism to American Ceramics as well as many other media. He consistently crosses the boundaries of materials, genres, subject matter, and themes. Considered to be the founder of the Kansas City Crossroads Art District.

The Earth Lies Screaming~
A piece that Jim is well known for, and has been the centerpiece at National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago, IL. It stands at an extraordinary size of 50′ long x 10′ tall and was completed in 2000.

My family traveled half-way across the country to hang out with Jim and to enjoy visiting with him, his wife Molly, and his Chinese friend Swallow. Each day seemed to fly by and it especially seemed to increase in speed when we visited his studio. I just started taking pictures because the entire building was filled completely with art

Not Just An Artist But A Lover Of Art~
Jim is also a collector of art pieces and most of these are museum quality!

Pictures Of Jim~

More From The Studio~