A running theory that I have is that we are all so selfish (me included) that we want something….but then want something else. This leads our psyche towards a loop that entangles our moments. These moments then become about what I can get out of any given situation rather than a proper understanding of what can I give to this moment that will lead to me not only benefitting, but also giving in a way that will benefit me and those around me that I claim to care about that I am with in the moments to come.

I don’t want to sound like the monk on the hill promoting pleasure postponement, because I believe in balance. Rather, I think that just being aware of what you want and what others want can be informative for our present experiences.
There are individuals that manipulate for self gratification, while on the other hand there are those that are energy stealers because they find themselves in a bind of depression or seeking the lime light. Both of these, whether out of pity for themselves or narcissistic compulsions have a very similar effect on others. Taking more than they give. This is where self introspection is heavily needed for our time right now.
Talking about our time together…some feel that because we share this short time with others of varying relationships that it can be justifiable to take for selfish pleasures because in the future no one can be the accountable party. Maybe it is not the long game that you want to play, but you will ultimately suffer by exposing this part of yourself to all the others around you. I would suggest that this behavior is the opposite of community.
All life is precious, so acting in a way that is counter to this will lead to cognitive dissonance. With such little time in the body and experiences that have come your way…I would impose that it is imperative to look for the voluntary interactions that allow for all parties to succeed. Life can be messy and not every moment will allow for it, but striving toward this noble goal might just lead us away from de-evolution.
Be the change that you want to see, so that we may evolve from the stagnant.