A Study In Balance || A Running Life Theory

Church Of Not Nothing

My initial thought on the culture that we find ourselves in leads me to think locally within my own community. The impression that I get from the time that I spend online away from the people that I voluntarily choose to be around; ultimately invites me to look for ‘the other’ who I’m supposed to view as an enemy. This dividing inception appears to be only as strong as I allow for it to infuse itself into my actions.
The Wrong Battle~
I see every current news story has now devolved into addressing the left/right paradigm. This archetype has been driven into our psyche with such vigilance….that now an average person feels that they need to internally assess where they might sit on this linear but controversial scope. In my humble thoughts…I ask myself, is this valid? I have asked enough times that I now believe that it was the wrong question to ask. The question is valid, but I see another scale that seems to be even more critical.

The Authoritarian/Libertarian Axis || I see that both the extreme left & the extreme right are fighting against an enemy that is seen as an oppressive force. If we are to stand against the oppressor…then we should confront the power that is oppressing. Therefore, I believe that we may be facing the wrong troupe. Why spend the most valuable gift given [time] on a weak base of people that aren’t currently pressing against our current state of being. Instead, look from another angle, and gather that the real oppression is coming from an authoritarian presence using the dividing guise of ‘the other side’. I’ve found the best question to ask myself is….’What can I spend my time on that will get me to where I want to be’. This has given me a chance to add more value to the people around me.
::: Be Productive & Add Value :::
I don’t claim to be anything but another person that was born on this earth…It is more important that we all believe in the same reality.
I only have a limited amount of time in this place | Don’t take anything personal | Live autonomous | Be passionate toward others | Work as a community | Choices become actions that might change the world